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Friday, July 10th, 9:00 A.M.

Saturday, July 11th, 9:00 A.M.

* Nicks Hardware *

{As seen on “American Pickers”}

100 South Main Street, Dickson, TN 

54 Firearms • Tools • Antiques • Hardware • Curiosities

Indian Artifacts • Horse & Mule Tack • Collectables

(An “Old Time” Hardware Store)


» Friday, July 10th, 9:00 A.M. «

Horse & Mule Tack • Antiques • Collectables  


Mule collar mirrors/ several mule & horse collars/ 2 dozen new summer collars/ approx. 50 pair of mule hames (some with brass knobs)/ approx. 40 western saddles/ ladies side saddles (old)/ Plantation saddle/ large supply of new girths, bridals, halters, lead ropes, reins, bits, headstalls, saddle pads, etc./ thousands of new various size halter buckles, bolt snaps, D-rings, O-rings, etc.– chrome, brass, Japanned finish/ hundreds of new horse & mule shoes (various sizes)/ hundreds of brand new horse drawn plow points/ hundreds of brand new horse drawn plow bolts/ 4 horse drawn plows/ various horse drawn implement parts/ Ox yoke/ several old iron tractor seats/ leather saddle bags/ saddle stand/ numerous mule harnesses, bits, blinders, etc./ authentic paraffin coated “wagon” barrel/ old nail kegs/ thousands of aluminum rivets & buckles/     thousands of various sized machine grade bolts, washers, nuts, etc./ single trees & double trees/ Antique cast iron seeder/ hundreds of rolls of vintage wall paper from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s/ many cast iron bells, yokes and clackers/ 2 Antique Singer sewing machines/ misc. saw blades/ vintage push powered lawn mowers/ 5 gallon ”Protex” motor oil can/ 12’ “Sherwin-Williams” paint sign/ Rayovac power center display/ galvanized well cistern with pump/ Antique ice chest/ Antique camel back trunk/ large Antique trunk/ cast iron grill/ windrow attachment for tiller/ galvanized buckets & trash cans/ vintage galvanized Igloo water coolers (new)/ 7” flue dampers/ minnow buckets/ Coleman Jet Air camp stove/ Pre-1900 sprocket display/ ink pen display/ Pot belly stoves/ new coolers/ numerous pocket knife display boxes/ several inventory display boxes & racks/ large assortment of cast iron stove parts 

► This is only a partial list of the items to be sold Friday!



» Saturday, July 11th, 9:00 A.M. «


  • Winchester model 1894 Cowboy commemorative 30-30 #CB2796
  • Winchester model 1894 NRA commemorative 30-30
  • Winchester Buffalo Bill 30-30 carbine lever action #WC97825
  • Winchester Centennial 66 30-30 lever action carbine #91986
  • Winchester Centennial 66 30-30 lever action rifle #14337
  • Winchester NRA Model 64A 30-30 rifle #3776260
  • 6-Winchester 22 cal rifles of various styles
  • 5-Winchester 22 cal bolt action rifle-different models
  • Remington Target Master model 510 22 cal smooth bore
  • 2-Remington Target masters model 41 22 cal bolt action
  • Mossberg 500C 20 gauge 26” barrel #L311450
  • Sears Ted Williams model 200 12 gauge #P308921
  • Stevens model 9414 12 gauge #A084052
  • 2-Japanese 12 gauge single shots 2-3/4” #8995 & 8892
  • New England 20 gauge 3” single shot #NF377808
  • IJEZCK 12 gauge single shot USSR made
  • Savage model 220 20 gauge single shot
  • Winchester model 67 .22 L-LR rifle single shot
  • KK 12 gauge single shot
  • Mossberg model 75 20 gauge single shot
  • Wischo-KG Erlangen-Germany model RHEINMETALL 55 22 L.R.
  • Remington Sport master model 512 22 S-L-LR bolt action
  • Revelation model 100A .22 S-L-LR 22 by Western Auto Supply Co.
  • Columbia single shot 12 gauge
  • Liberty model 110 22 LR bolt action
  • Savage model 63 .22 S-L-LR single shot
  • Remington model 34 .22 S-L-LR bolt action
  • Winchester model 77 .22 LR semi-auto
  • Remington model 41 .22 S-L-LR single shot
  • Winchester model 72A .22 S-L-LR bolt action
  • Noble model 222T .22 S-L-LR single shot
  • Century Arms Co. Bearcat No.5 .22 S-L-LR single shot
  • Remington Speed Master 552 .22 S-L-LR semi-auto
  • Marlin Model 80 .22 S-L-LR bolt action
  • Stevens Savage model 258A .20 gauge bolt action
  • C. Higgins model 583.16 12 gauge bolt action
  • Taiyo-Japan model R6-22 .22 long rifle single shot
  • Springfield model 187H .22 S-L-LR semi-auto
  • Wischo-K.G. Erlangen-Germany .22 cal single shot
  • H&R Pioneer .22 S-L-LR single shot
  • Winchester model 290 .22 S-L-LR semi-auto
  • Nitro Marvel 12 gauge single shot
  • Winchester model 67 .22 L-LR single shot
  • Daisy pump BB gun
  • Crossman “400” .22 cal repeater air rifle
  • Crossman “99” lever action .22 pellet gun
  • Crossman 2200 magnum model 2200 .22 cal pellet
  • Crossman Pell Master 700 22 cal pellet rifle
  • Remington Nylon 66 stock
  • Large assortment of various barrels, receivers, stocks, actions, etc. Many, many firearms parts.
  • Reds Sure-Catch Bait Hooks– manufactured by Reds Chevrolet Co. Camden, TN.
  • Large assortment of vintage Firearm posters, calendars, prints


► 25 framed displays of Indian Arrowheads and Artifacts ◄

 {Each frame contains approximately 50-200 pieces each!}


► Thousands of loose Arrowhead pieces and Artifacts ◄

 {This well known collection has been on display in Nicks

         Hardware store for approximately 40-50 years!}





Thousands of wood screws, machine screws, sheetrock screws, nails, nuts, bolts, etc./ large supply of bolt bins & shelving/ thousands of various length & sized machine bolts, nuts, washers, anchors, lag bolts, carriage bolts, all thread, etc./ new shovel, hoe, axe, hammer, handles, etc./ supply of galvanized pipe fittings/ come-alongs/ hose clamps, menders, brass couplings/ brass cut off valves/ brass rivets, wire brads/ wire nails, etc./ concrete nails, flooring nails, finishing nails, etc./ 8” and 10” gutter screws/ misc. spools of wire/ assortment of screw in glass fuses/ cartridge fuses/ assortment of electric switches/ misc. light sockets, cords, switches/ electrical insulators, conduit  fasteners/ assortment of grinding wheels/ large assortment of drill bits, jigsaw blades/assortment of NEW pliers, wire cutters, chisels, framing hammers, open-boxed wrenches, shovels, hand saws, boomers, sledge hammers, bolt cutters, rakes, hoes, picks, hole diggers, etc./ large assortment of wood enamels, paints, acetones, etc./ huge assortment of cabinetry hardware including glass knobs, brass knobs, hinges, etc./ large assortment of sand paper, belt paper, grinder paper, etc./ coils of rope/ various garden seeds/ Whirlybird attic fans/ c-clamps/ allen wrenches, allen screws/ tap and dies/ tarpolines/ trowel handles/ “Hanson” drill bit display/ plumb-bobs/ roll pins/ barn door hinges/ door handles, locks, etc./ saw blade files/ master locks/ wooden caster wheels/ huge assortment of shelving, display racks, display cases, pegboard, etc/ large collection of vintage Firearm and ammo signs, calenders,pendants, etc.



This is only a partial list!

Many, many more items too numerous to mention!

» » This sale contains tens of thousands of pieces! « «


Nicks Hardware was in business in Dickson, TN since the 1920’s. These sale items have been accumulated from decades of being in business in an “Old Time” Hardware Store. Many items are new and have never been used; although they have been kept in the store for many years. Numerous items were taken in trade from the old days of bartering. Multiple items are also from 3 generations of Nicks personal collecting!


Terms: Cash or good check day of sale. Any announcements made on sale day take precedence over any advertising. These items are from the Estate of the late Clay & Earlene Nicks. The Auction sale is scheduled for Friday & Saturday, July 10th & 11th. However, if sale is not completed in 2 days, we will continue on Sunday, July 12th at 1:00 P.M. For more information or a colored brochure contact Will O. Sanders, Auctioneer at (931) 296-2766