Since we are also a full service Real Estate Company, the Real Estate Auction is a natural fit. Our company has extensive experience in the sale of all types of Real Estate (Residential, Commercial, Farms, Large Timber Tracts, Hunting Land, etc.). We have a special expertise in subdivision of large tracts. We work with many surveying companies, closing and title companies, as well as many lenders and appraisers that we call upon to help with the various aspects of a Real Estate transaction. In many cases, we use custom signage and surveys to mark boundary lines of a subdivided tract of land, as well as topo maps, arial photos, timber cruises, etc. to help with marketing a particular property or properties.



A large part of our business is Estate Auctions. Our company handles many of these auctions every year. We have excellent rapport with local attorneys who handle estate cases for clients. I am also often times appointed by the court as a Special Commissioner to help with the settlement of an Estate. These Estate Auctions, many times, involve all types of Auction Sales, Real Estate, Personal Property, Farm Equipment, Business Liquidations, etc. The auction method is the preferred way to disburse & settle an estate by most legal counsel and favored by the court systems.


Business Liquidations may include any type of business that has closed. These are types of auctions usually selling a supply of inventory, tools, equipment, trade fixtures, displays, etc. This often times includes the sale of a commercial building or real estate. A few of the business liquidation auctions we have handled include convenience stores, hardware stores, nurseries, auto repair shops, tire stores, antique shops and a large number of restaurants, to name a few.


Antique Auctions often fall into an Estate Auction or Business Liquidation category, but no matter the category, we have a large following of antique collectors and dealers that will often times travel hundreds of miles to attend our Antique Auction Sales. We have a very large data base of antique buyers on our mailing list to target your advertising to.


These auctions included any type of government agency that needs to sell or replace all or a portion of their inventory. These auctions often included seized property. We regularly work with County Sheriff Departments, Police Departments, School Boards, City & County Municipalities, as well as Federal Agencies to assist them in selling their items. These usually include vehicles, tractors, school buses, vans, mowers, tools, firearms or any other surplus equipment.


These auction sales are usually a real pleasure for our crew, as most of them have some type of farm experience or background & have a lot of experience with the sales of the many varied pieces of equipment & tractors that we regularly come across in the auction profession. Of course, farm sales often include the farm itself. Bill Collier Realty & Auction Co. has always been known for our experience with selling farms & acreage tracts. We have a very large V.I.P. list of buyers, dealers and traders we advertise to regarding the sale of farm equipment & land. Our company can also assist to recommend lenders as well as movers & haulers to help with any farm purchase or large pieces of equipment.


Over the 50 years our company has been in the auction business, we have recognized the need for periodic Farm Machinery & Heavy Equipment Auctions. These auction sales are designed for the seller that may have one (1) or up to ten (10) or more pieces of equipment they may need to sell, but typically not enough to have their own personal auction. When we combine a number of sellers or consigners into one auction sale, we usually have a very large and sometimes all day auction sale. These auctions have grown in size over the years and many times are large social events. I invite you to participate in one of our consignment auctions. If you have a piece or two of equipment you are wanting to sell, this is an excellent way to cash out.


There are many reasons that people decide to have a personal property auction and these sales are very common. Often times, we will sell an entire household of furnishings, dishes, yard tools, etc. This often happens after we sell their home or when someone simply wants to downsize. But whatever the reasons for a personal property auction, our company has a wealth of expertise with these auction sales.


Over the years, we have held a great number of auctions in various kinds of court cases. Bankruptcy, divorces, repossessions, for division of common assets, disputing heirs of an estate are just a few of these types of auctions. Our court system will often appoint, Will O. Sanders, as a Special Commissioner to liquidate properties on the courts behalf. This is the preferred way of settling most disputes because it is the most fair way for all parties involved. No one can really dispute the outcome when a Public Auction Sale invites all to bid including any or all parties in a particular court case.


For Inquiries Regarding Having An Auction Sale, Please Contact Will O. Sanders, Auctioneer at
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